9 real hiring tips for you

Hiring top talent is the lifeblood of any thriving company, often more critical than sales, product development, or finances. Despite its importance, hiring is often overlooked and underestimated. It’s a challenging, never-ending task that demands constant attention and strategic thinking. Here are nine fresh tips to refine your hiring process and ensure you attract the best people.

Here are 9 tips that you may not have heard before.

Tip #1 – Find the “A Players”

You have to attract A players for long term success. Also, you must avoid B Players and C Players like a novel virus.

A Players hire A Players.
B Players hire C players.
and C Players will kill your company.

If you find yourself accidentally hiring B Players, read – 5 reasons why

Tip #2 – Use Two-way Selling with A Players

When you court A Players, you certainly expect them to sell you, but you must also sell the A Player.  This is a two-sided selling process. Many people miss this.  “Shouldn’t everyone want to join our team?” Not so. A Players have endless opportunities. Sell the interviewing A Player on your company, technology, culture and vision.

Tip #3 – Use Speed with A Players

A Players expect fast decision-making. They will pass on your company if you grind them through slow processes. Indecisiveness is a reflection on your company culture.

Engage quickly with A Players.  Draft the offer quickly. Follow the “4-week rule” from first phone interview to offer.

Tip #4 – Look at Attitude First

Evaluate attitude early! Often companies get fixated on skills, past accomplishments or pedigree of a candidate and overlook their innate attitude.

Do a hard check on the candidate’s attitude. Attitude is the manifestation of an individual’s mindset. Early in the interview, ask the individual about specific difficult situations that they have encountered and how they reacted.

Tip #5 – Double Check Motivation

Understand an individual’s motivation before making the offer or you can get stung later on. You want to make sure that the individual’s motivations are in sync with the company’s mission and culture.

I’ve seen individuals who joined a company for the wrong reasons – the initial euphoria, expectations of advancement or bonuses, the chance for creative work, and maybe a magical IPO. When it didn’t happen, they left.

Figure out what is motivating the individual to join your company before making any offers.

Tip #6 – Be Opportunistic

It’s OK to shoplift talent from competition. Take advantage of competitive companies that get trouble because of financial problems, disruptive times or acquisitions. If your competitor is in trouble, unleash your favorite recruiter to shoplift their best players.

Tip #7 – Avoid “Group think”

In your interviewing process, please don’t fall into the trap of “Consensus Hiring”. Groups can agree on a better than average candidate that doesn’t threaten them. But will never agree 100% on a superstar or a dynamite individual that can challenge your company in new ways and accelerate your company.

I much prefer “Champion/Challenger Hiring”.
Read about it here.

Tip # 8 – Secretly Replace the Under-performer

You have an under-performing employee in a senior role.  The organization cannot afford a gap in leadership is this role for months. Use the “Confidential Search” to replace and upgrade this individual.

Tip #9 – ABC

You must “Always Be Collecting” talent.  This is an endless process. Empower your employees to be advocates for your business and to attract strong talented friends. Put your favorite recruiter on a small monthly retainer to bring you superstars.